Quite literally, The Design Awards was the night of heavy metal as we unveiled our brand-new trophy design. These new awards were handed out at the ceremony on 7 June 2018 at the Emirates Stadium in London.

This year's top accolade, the Grand Prix, was won by two outstanding campaigns. The judges were so torn, they agreed that Clarks in House Design Group and WWF-UK, All Mighty Pictures, Time Based Arts were both truly worthy.

The Chairman's Award was won by Magpie Studio. Bandido Coffee Co. is an independent Californian coffee brand and channelling the counterculture spirit, it seeks to buck the system of larger coffee corporates. Magpie Studio succeeded in creating a Brand Identity reflecting exactly this.

As for the new trophy design, London design firm, NB Studio, collaborated with The Drum. “You own the word ‘drum’. You own the image in my mind when you say the word ‘drum’. This is the idea you have to run with”, NB co-founder Nick Finney said.

We hope you agree the trophy underpins the ethos of what The Drum Design Awards really stands for.

View the full results here and entries will be open in October for 2019 and you can register your interest now