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  1. 2020


A Remarkable New Brand Language

Category:Identity Design

Client:Etihad Airways


Air travel has lost its allure. Economically driven, rationally expressed, the lowest common denominator often wins. Etihad knew there was another way. 

Today, you should not think of Etihad as an airline. Think of it as a destination; a palace in the sky that soars high above the city. Etihad is Remarkable: a word that underpinned our entire approach. Synonymous with Abu Dhabi, the brand has reinvented and disregarded typical industry conventions to create something truly amazing. A bespoke tessellation of gold and brown, the brand draws on the language of modern Arabia, its visionary patronage, its respect for the past and innovation for the future.

As a service brand with a luxury attitude, the design language has defined the entire experience, including cabin class branding, the lounge, website, uniforms, the livery and the Alliance identity. Now, Etihad is the herald of Abu Dhabi with a holistic experience that is consistently Remarkable. Media coverage of the livery launch alone generated a Remarkable social impression and the redesign was quoted as “Internationally, perhaps the sexiest redesign of the year…” in Forbes magazine.