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  1. 2020


The Rebirth of an Icon

Category:Identity Design


Italy is the darling of the world. For most, it’s love at first sight. How could anyone not fall for this modern nation bursting with culture and creativity?

And yet Italy’s national airline, Alitalia, was lagging behind. They had lost a little of the magic, the sex and the seducente that made them truly Italian. 

We knew they needed more than paint and polish. Instead, the Alitalia brand required an injection of the modern Italian spirit. We focused on fine tuning the details, drawing out the rich craftsmanship and the luxurious textures of continental sports cars, and then weaved this into a newly developed three-class cabin experience. By partnering with iconic Italian brands such as Poltrona Frau, Frette and Salvatore Ferragamo, we built an experience that oozes Italy from the moment passengers step on board.

Such beauty on the inside needed to be sensitively reflected on the outside. So with careful craft we brought the elegance of the original logo and livery, an icon created by Walter Landor himself, into the 21st century.

On June 4th, 2015, the re-launch of the Alitalia livery was celebrated the world over, with more than fifty articles praising the new design. It was shared on social media over 1,871 times and tweeted about by the Italian prime minister Mr Matteo Renzi himself.