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  1. 2020


Zazen Bear Brand Identity

Category:Identity Design

Client:Zazen Bear

How does a practitioner of Zazen meditation bring peace to New York City?

Through a small bear.

A devotee of the art of Zazen (seated meditation) had a vision. He wanted to create a brand that would deliver daily reminders of peace, joy and relaxation to a city that needed it most. 

His vision included a symbol of a seated bear. Drawn with circular shapes and strokes to convey a sense of harmony, the peaceful strength of the Zazen Bear became the talisman for the brand.

Home, accessories and jewellery products were designed with a modern simplicity that brings peace, harmony and tranquillity to everyday moments. 

The brand identity is punctuated with an “enso,” a Zen Buddhist circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The Zazen Bear brand was successfully launched online with a retail store in Soho. New Yorkers have been a little more peaceful and the Zen spirit will be spreading worldwide next year.