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  1. 2020


Eurosport Global Rebrand

Category:Moving Image


We collaborated with Eurosport to create a new multi-platform identity that invites sports fans across the globe to ‘Fuel Your Passion’. Spearheading the start of an exciting new chapter for the Discovery-owned sports broadcaster. 

The Eurosport project is more than a rebrand exercise. It is a redefinition of a business and brand purpose that puts fans first and then builds everything around them – from sharing the greatest sporting moments to giving them the experience that fuels their passion. The result is a modern brand that is ready to become the global destination for sport by delivering an unparalleled, immersive viewing experience. 


Project credits: 

Creative strategy, on & off air branding , advertising and global brand campaign.

Logo, brand hierarchy, logo style guide, merchandising.

Massive Music 
Sound design and theme music