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  1. 2020

Quirk London

Tranquini Feel the Flow

Category:Website Design


Tranquini is a new drinks brand in the functional drinks category, championing positive relaxation. Quirk London and our creative studio, NOT NORM, developed the global creative campaign: Tranquini Feel the Flow.

Localised across 19 countries, the website needed to be a destination, or ‘Flow Zone’, where people could come, spend time and gain an understanding of what positive relaxation means for them. Tranquini serves as a tonic for today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world and is committed to inspiring people to relax, to be positive, for good to happen in their lives.

The design of the website was built around this ethos and what the brand stands for. The brand had to be strongly represented wtih an overall web experience that is calming and controlled, while also engaging and inspiring.

The User Experience was paramount, and the site was designed to reflect the idea of flow – including parallax scrolling, white borders and smooth navigation The visual identity was also crucial, with a strong design focus, including large images, distinctive illustrations, striking fonts and a defined colour palette.

The website launched with an archive of designed content and a brand film, produced for the web, which is the key feature on the site.