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  1. 2020

Turner Duckworth: London, San Francisco & New York

Subway Visual Identity

Category:Brand Identity Design


The world of fast food and quick-service restaurants has evolved and so have consumers. With heightened expectations around quality, taste and nutrition, Subway sales were suffering due in part to brand perception around those metrics, encroaching competition, and in part to a visual system and restaurant environments that had gone stale. Our brief was to create a relevant, inspiring expression of the brand through the refinement of core visual assets, the creation of ones that hadn’t existed previously, and a cohesive visual identity system.  

We started by addressing core brand assets: introducing both a new logotype and symbol called the Choice Mark. The iconic new logotype looks to the future while being anchored in the brand’s history. The Choice Mark acts as a visual shorthand of the logotype, and signifies consumers’ choice between healthier options and more indulgent ones—between 6-inch and Foot Long sandwiches—a symbol that empowers customers to enjoy Subway in any way they choose. 

The color palette, inspired by sandwich ingredients, has been optimized to live and work in a wide variety of media. We also created a library of narrative ingredient imagery to convey different brand messages.

The iconic new system, which started rolling out in Spring 2017 is brought to life across all touchpoints including packaging, uniforms, signage and has inspired new designs for menus, the website, app, social media, digital ordering and environmental design of the restaurants (restaurant design by FRCH).