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  1. 2020

Financial Times

fDi Magazine April / May 2017 cover illustration by Paramjit Virdee


Client:fDi magazine

fDi Magazine is the flagship publication for the fDi (foreign direct investment) Intelligence portfolio and is a publication from the Financial Times. Launched in 2001, fDi Magazine is firmly established as the leading title for the business of globalisation, and provides senior decision-makers with an up-to-date image of the ever-changing global investment map. Every other month FT Creative, the FT's in-house design team, is briefed with a task of creating the cover illustration reflecting the central theme of the next issue and, subsequently, designing the issue cover. Work on the illustration starts with an editorial synopsis and through a series of discussions with a wider editorial team. The working concept is then narrowed down and selected for development. When working on the concept for fDi magazine April/May 2017 cover, we looked for visual cues that would allow us to distill the complex set of messages into one striking, attention-grabbing image. Eventually we were drawn to Trump’s immediately recognisable unruly mop of hair – and his equally unruly use of Twitter. The combination of the two created an interesting visual parallel to play on, leading to the final illustration. The result reflects the subject of the cover feature in this issue – the upside down world of uncertainty – and our illustration, although laconic in its execution, delivers the message in a very direct and powerful manner.