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  1. 2020

B&W Studio

Mandela and Me

Category:Design For Good

Client:British Council

An exhibition at Spring Gardens was held to commemorate 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela and the legacy he left. Over six months of interviews were held by the British Council in South Africa, to ask hundreds of young people what Mandela meant to them. This became the content for the exhibition.

We created an exhibition space of two halves. The first was very much about recognising the struggles and hardship Mandela endured during his lifetime, followed by a colourful second half which celebrated the influence Mandela had on the young people of South Africa today. The logotype we created represented this. We used the solid British Council typeface to present Mandela and the students (legacy) was presented in the keyline version.

To help elevate the words of the young people we chose a bold typographic approach which was supported with strong portrait imagery.