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  1. 2020

SquarePixel Films

The Planet Year


Client:National Geographic

NatGeo launched the “Plastic or Planet?” initiative and made people think. We then collaborated with 12 "artivists" from the 12 most plastic polluted countries to create 12 artworks with powerful and impacting messages.



Creative Director: Komal Bedi Sohal; Luis Paulo Gatti; William Mathovani.

Art Director: Raja Rizkallah; Ivan Montebello; Luis Paulo Gatti.

Copywritter: Daniel Bensusan, Rafael Bornacina.

Director: Raphael Dias; Aramis Barros.

Motion Graphics artists: Diego Esteves; Henrique Sousa; Bernardo Ribeiro.

Editor: Felippe Ferreira.

Account Manager: Camila Moll.

Executive Producer: Raphael Dias; Aramis Barros; Daniel Lins.