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  1. 2020

TM Studio

Fedrigoni 2018/19 Campaign

Category:Print Design


Fedrigoni are a premium paper company from Italy. We have been their design partner for 2
years, performing a number of tasks as an extension of their team.
The 365 calendar and Plus campaign centre around collaboration between designers in our
industry to celebrate how inclusive and open Fedrigoni are.
For 2 years running we have invited 365 designers to contribute a design for a date in the 365
calendar. It has become a design compendium that has done wonders for Fedrigoni’s reach, but
that has also been a really positive and exciting collaborative project for the industry.
For the Plus campaign, we have hand-picked collaborations with design studios to create limited
edition prints that help to educate designers about the features of some of Fedrigoni’s paper
ranges. A microsite was also developed to browse papers online, order samples and download
paper visuals (
This project involved:
— Visual identity
— Design implementation
— Animation
— Photography and Video
— Website