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  1. 2020

Hult International Business School

A new kind of business school

Category:1. Brand Identity Design

Client:Hult International Business School

Hult offers a non-traditional approach to education yet its visual identity swam in a sea of sameness amongst other traditional business schools. Our challenge was to create a visual identity that was instantly recognizable as non-traditional. We believe that the most interesting work happens at the intersection of opposing forces. This unique space is where our new brand identity lives.
Influenced by charts and graphs, a common part of the visual lexicon of business presentations, our new library of shapes act like a watermark on photography. They are bold and evoke curiosity, even when combined with traditional typography or photography. The shapes can be standalone works of art, combining the worlds of beauty and business. They come in infinite shapes, colours and sizes. They are charts with an attitude that we could almost call a rebellious watermark. This perfectly captures Hult's brand identity as the visionary rebel of education.