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  1. 2020

Studio Giggle

Nurse Ambassador Campaign

Category:11. Moving Imagery Design

Client:NHS England

Transforming perceptions is never easy, but this was our aim. The NHS’s ‘Transforming the Perception of Nursing’ campaign aimed to empower nurses and encourage them to become Nurse Ambassadors, as well as addressing some common misconceptions. 


Giggle created a powerful poem that formed the basis of the campaign film. To match the power of the script Giggle used Holo-gauze, a transparent screen that allowed them to project animation, film and images on top of the actor. This added an extra “live” dimension that would not have been possible through post-production animation. 


The campaign was launched at Transformation Trust’s 2019 Rock Assembly where the film was shown to over 10,000 students in Wembley Arena. Undergraduate mental health nurse, Felix Manders-Wilde, said ‘The film was so brilliantly put together. Effective not just for those who had not considered nursing as a profession, but to nurses too. It made me feel proud!’