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  1. 2020

MET Studio

BLINK - The End is in Sight

Category:13. Experiential Design


Blink – ‘The End is in Sight’, was a temporary exhibition of work at London’s iconic OXO Gallery, featuring the work of five award-winning photographers, including Nick Knight.

Partnering with charity Sightsavers on ‘The End is in Sight’ campaign, lead creatives MET Studio digitally hacked the traditional gallery space to drive a visual narrative of the devastating effects of Trachoma. The campaign’s aim was to help eradicate the disease within five years, making the creative goal to generate public awareness with an immersive visitor experience which physically connected people to the issue.

MET Studio, alongside Barker Langham and Jason Brudge Studio, developed an interactive interface and innovative blink tracking technology that mimicked the effects of Trachoma by eroding the artwork blink by blink, pixel by pixel. Dramatic graphics took the form of bold lines and split shadows, depicted diminishing eyesight and leading visitors around the space.