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  1. 2020

SODA Studio


Category:13. Experiential Design


The Boulevard Theatre represents a unique collaboration between architecture and graphic design. Much like the revolving auditorium, we took a 360° approach. From designing the brand identity, through to the design of the building and everything inside - each discipline informing the other. The result? A radical new performance space for London; with one of the most technologically advanced auditoriums in the world – fully revolving at balcony and stalls levels to create flexible and adaptable performance spaces and seating layouts within a constricted site.

The theatre opened in late 2019 and was designed in close collaboration with Charcoal Blue Theatre consultants, using cutting-edge VR technology to develop the configurations and interior finishes. The design accommodates the varying identities of the space, from day to night, cabaret to catwalk and theatre-in-the-round and the result is a striking and modern aesthetic which compliments the energy of the surrounding Soho night life.