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  1. 2020


The Pandora Heartbeat Hub

Category:13. Experiential Design


Pandora delivered heart and soul into Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, in celebration of the brand’s global refresh and launched The Heartbeat Hub. Soft hues of pink echo their new brand identity with design takes cues from the reimagined Pandora “O” crown monogram. The experiential installation brought the new brand purpose to life for consumers, helping them express all that they love – from their passions, their people, their most cherished places to their beloved pets.Stepping into The Heartbeat Hub through the hero entrance, guests journey through an arcing corridor, gradually revealing the experience within. Pandora’s brand concierges places each visitor’s hand on the heartbeat monitor whilst listening to the things that they love. As guests step into the centre of the ‘O’, the activation instinctively responds to customer’s heartbeat readings - presenting a series of immersive, personalised 360 degree projections and visual manifestations.