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  1. 2020


Versus Arthritis

Category:16. Photography

Client:Versus Arthritis

How do you make people see the real impact of arthritis? 

In 2018, two UK Arthritis charities merged in the hope of creating a more impactful single brand to engage the Arthritis community. Our strategy was to build a movement to fight against prevailing passive attitudes to arthritis that it’s an ‘old persons disease’. We defined our enemy - society’s tolerance of arthritis - and developed the brand to unite audiences against it. We created a new name – Versus Arthritis – which inspired a verbal and visual identity that encapsulated the collective battle against the condition. 

A key challenge was how to visualise a condition that is often invisible. Taking an ethnographic approach, we commissioned two photographers and an illustrator to create a suite of expressive and impactful depictions of living with arthritis, capturing the physical as well as psychological impact on real people in their everyday lives.