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  1. 2020


We Hunt Together Title Sequence

Category:16. Photography

Client:UKTV / BBC Studios

The title sequence is set in a world of glowing neon where predators hunt together in the shadows. A fantastical setting of glowing colour and neon light.

To create the neon-lit London we commissioned bespoke photography that captures London locations that are specific to the show in order to maximise the look and create something unique.

To achieve this we collaborated with Eugene Tumusiime, a new and upcoming Photographer, Art Director, and self-confessed Nightcrawler, who specialises in transforming London at night into vibrant neon.

We used the street photography and animated the scenes with flickering lights, bursting neon signs, smoke and shadows to bring this dangerous world of a neon-lit London to life.

The images and colour palette express that off kilter under belly setting - that North London Noir - to create a distinctive look with a kinetic energy to seduce the viewer.