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  1. 2020


Libresse - Power to the V - Illustration

Category:17. Illustration

Client:Tanja Grubner, Essity

Global Essity brand Libresse (also known as Bodyform, Nana, Nuvenia, Saba, Nosotras)  had made great strides in tackling taboos in the feminine hygiene sector, but its logo and identity – all bows and sparkles – perpetuated category stereotypes. From illustrating super happy women (because that’s how we always feel on our period) to graphic metaphors for the female intimate area, the visual world was simply not telling the purposeful story the brand was striving to deliver. As part of the new identity we had license to be more liberated, harnessing celebratory illustrations of women’s
V-Zones. Wonderful vulvas and uteruses, blood droplets and pubes. No shying away. But using it as a wonderful language of disruption