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  1. 2020

Magpie Studio

Senser Spirits: Lift your mind & mood

Category:17. Illustration

Client:Senser Spirits

Senser is a new range of non-alcoholic spirits with mood-transforming properties.

Founded by award-winning herbalist, Vanessa Jacoby, the drinks blend active botanicals to harness the transformative properties of plants. So you can lift your mood, without clouding your mind.

The mood-elevating effect of each spirit is captured in a playful story, that wraps around the bottle. The uplifting narratives first introduce the key ingredients, then quickly ramp up to an unexpected reveal – the metamorphosis into a symbolic spirit animal.

The use of illustration on pack brings an immediacy to the story, acting as a shorthand for the symbolic transformation and highlighting key ingredients. Drawn to incorporate botanical elements, the playful illustrations bring colour to the design, helping to counterbalance the refined typography, and clearly signposting the difference between spirits.