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  1. 2020



Category:18. Writing For Design


The undisputed icon of port, Cockburn’s needed to reassert its rich heritage and award-winning pedigree to become the classic drink of choice for many more occasions than just the festive period.

Our idea of enriching and savouring connection is brought to life with a modern and simplified crest, reinstating Cockburn’s iconic crown with an identity formed of two cockerels sharing a glass. A new design system amplifies the noble strength of this heritage brand and unites the Cockburn’s family of ports, celebrating the unique nature of each variant and adding newly playful and witty graphic touches – such as the quirky feather apostrophe – to pique the interest of a discerning and modern drinker. Cockburn’s stands proud and ‘bold in a world of old’, inviting everyone to toast a host of new drinking occasions.