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  1. 2020

Lime Creative

Grand Masters

Category:19. Brand Campaign


Gaggenau, a German company founded 1683, produce kitchen appliances for the luxury lifestyle, worldwide. In 2019 they re-modelled their combi-steam oven, a specialised instrument, distinctively designed, hand crafted from exceptional materials waiting to be mastered by the private chef.

Our idea merged 3 masters: Dutch masters (also 17th century) originators of imaginative food still lifes, the chef creator of food mastery and the master that makes it all come together – the combi-steam oven. The 'Grand Masters' brand campaign was born, with the concept that art gallerys (worldwide) exhibit commissioned ‘still lifes’ hung aside the ovens, presenting art and product with equal reverence. A first for product to be seen outside of the showroom.

We created a set of 'still lifes' to inspire film, ads, digital, social, PR and events, asking countries to commission their own artists and chefs to generate a global gallery of food art inspired by steam.