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  1. 2020


Marvel Postage Stamps

Category:2. Print Design

Client:Royal Mail

Royal Mail commissioned us to create a set of ten special stamps, a miniature sheet featuring five stamps celebrating some of the most iconic Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe.

To ensure authenticity we enlisted the help of seasoned British comic book artist Alan Davis, the man behind Captain Britain, The Uncanny X-Men, and much more besides.

The main stamps were kept clean and uncluttered to showcase the characters, but come complete with a sheet of stickers bearing catchphrases, sound effects and logos, so they can be loaded up and customised. This way the stamps could appeal across demographics – from children to more sophisticated collectors.

For the companion miniature sheet we created a ten-panel comic book strip in which the Mad Titan, Thanos, launches a deadly attack on the world. The strip incorporates stand-alone stamps as frames within the visual narrative, and once again drawn by Davis.