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  1. 2020

Nude Brand Creation

10/10 Nude Art Show Limited Edition Beer Cans

Category:20. Self-Promotion Design

Client:Nude Brand Creation

For over 10 years Nude Brand Creation have been commissioning an annual Limited Edition by a contemporary artist with the simple brief of ‘Nude’. To celebrate the 10th piece, we held an exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery., featuring works by the 10 prominent artists including Ben Eine, Ian Berry, Remi Rough, Noma Bar, David Shillinglaw, Dessy, Si Scott, Penny, Rob Draper and Géraldine Georges.

To mark the event we commissioned a specially brewed IPA beer with hibiscus. We then created a unique range of 10 labels with the artist work. Each piece of art was accompanied by our 10/10 branding, designed for the art show that was also used to brand collateral and merchandise. Each label was printed on a gritty textured paper to reflect the urban environment of the gallery in Brick Lane, and together the cans created an eclectic collection that celebrated our journey over the last 10 years.