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  1. 2020

Together Design

Perfectly Put Together - Cut Paper, Not Arts

Category:20. Self-Promotion Design

Client:Perfectly Put Together

Perfectly Put Together is a collection of gorgeous things we have made or found. Annually we launch Perfectly Put Together at an event held for clients and friends, and gifts within the range are given to our network throughout the year. The launch is a great opportunity to reconnect with our network and promote all that is great about Together.

For our sixth collection ‘Cut Paper Not Arts’ we created a campaign to increase, not cut, art education in primary schools. The campaign started with creative workshops for 240 pupils at our local primary school in Walthamstow and became the inspiration for our latest shop collection. From creativity kits and apparel, to campaign and crafts materials, the range includes everything needed to spark the imagination and get creative.

All profits from the collection go towards providing art materials for primary schools.