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  1. 2020


Brixton Finishing School

Category:21. Design For Good

Client:Brixton Finishing School

Founded in 2018, Brixton Finishing School is a 12-week course in digital, advertising and marketing skills for groups underrepresented in the creative industries, including black, Asian and ethnic minority people, working-class and female students, as well as the neurodiverse. 


In 2019, in need of a bold new identity, they tapped Essence (pro-bono) to help revamp their brand and reimagine an experience that would attract creative minds universally.


The brief was to deliver a new brand identity across all digital assets, retaining the elements that keep Brixton Finishing School unique, but adding more energy, fun and empowerment. Our audience was a broad creative set - 18-25 year old creative students, the ad agencies hiring talent, as well as potential sponsors. It needed to be cool and professional, but on-point and aspirational.