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  1. 2020

Williams Murray Hamm

Love Your Lungs Week

Category:21. Design For Good

Client:British Lung Foundation

Lung disease is one of the UK’s biggest killers, responsible for 1 in 5 deaths. Public awareness of this however is low. Love Your Lungs Week aims to raise awareness of lung health. Traditionally diseased and unhealthy lungs conditions have been depicted gloomily and showed mostly older people. There was an opportunity to engage a younger audience – by being active and positive. Understanding that to breathe well is to live well and they too, not just the elderly, must look after their lungs. The London BLF team organised a bike ride in central London. They needed an impactful and memorable campaign icon. We reimagined a red love heart as a pair of lungs with the cycling route featured as the pulmonary veins and arterial system. The icon appears across all campaign materials. For the t-shirt, the love-lung icon is positioned in the exact place of the wearer’s own lungs.