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  1. 2020


The Valuable 500 - The disability inclusive revolution

Category:21. Design For Good

Client:Caroline Casey

There is a global disability inequality crisis. And it can’t be fixed by government and charity alone. It needs the most powerful force on the planet: business. The disability market is a huge opportunity for businesses. But right now 96% of organisations don’t see it. So to empower businesses to end this crisis, we need strong and accountable leadership. The Valuable 500 is a global movement that puts disability on the business leadership agenda. It needed a sophisticated identity to encourage CEOs to engage with a topic they often shy away from: disability.  Accessibility sits at the core of the design, which had to stand in a sea of soft-inclusivity campaigns. Uniting the strength of business with the heart of responsible leadership, the new identity takes disability from ‘charity’ to ‘corporate’ world – and proves that designing for disability can be big on style.