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  1. 2020



Category:3. Packaging Design: Graphic


Motif is a collective of artists, illustrators and mark-makers who produce premium mints in design-led packaging that acts as a showcase for their art. Motif’s physical packs are pocket size tins, which are shareable, collectible and have a shelf life beyond their original purpose. They asked Interabang to create a name, visual identity and packaging brand guidelines that would communicate this offer.

The concept of continually refreshing the range of limited-edition tins led to the name Motif, suggesting an idea that appears repeatedly in an artist’s work.

A Motif also describes a pattern, which led to the logo working as a repeatable arrangement. Its placement moves across the pack on each range, differentiating between them and implying a pattern.

Cues were taken from the art world – such as artist’s series being numbered – and the label band is removable, leaving the canvas unadorned apart from a subtle logo emboss.