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  1. 2020



Category:3. Packaging Design: Graphic


OFFBLAK is a direct-to-consumer lifestyle tea, that launched in the UK in April

Playfully named “Generation T”, OFFBLAK aims to shake up the drinks industry
with a brand that appeals to a more health-conscious consumer, unafraid to
experiment with new brands and flavours. To meet this brief & SMITH created an
identity that brings a premium feel to a highly discerning Gen Z and Millennial

To break the rules of tea, OFFBLAK’s packaging needed to be bold and stand at
the intersection of quality and must-have appeal. & SMITH delivered a playful
look and feel through a collaboration with illustrator Thomas Hedger, using
colours and illustration that reference each category’s mood and effect. Each
sub-range owns a specific style, such as a circular graphic or figure in different
poses, with each flavour profile depicted by a new illustration.