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  1. 2020


Soapsmith New Brand Visual Identity

Category:3. Packaging Design: Graphic


Inspired by the character and vibrancy of London, Soapsmith uses only the highest quality, natural ingredients to deliver a superior product focusing on the excellence of the scent and fragrance. Bulletproof was briefed to create a new brand visual identity to take Soapsmith to the next level.

Bulletproof collaborated with locally renowned illustrator, Tom Abbiss Smith, to create bespoke illustrations for Soapsmith’s seven unique scents; each illustration inspired by the textures, typography, street art and other sensorial experiences unique to each area.

The new identity combines inspiration from fashion house monograms and urban, industrial typography to create a strong, urban wordmark, balanced with a refined brandmark. Considered application of gold foil across the packaging range adds small touches of luxury that feel premium, yet accessible.

The result is a bold and beautiful brand that reflects the quality and uniqueness of its handcrafted products and the London backdrop that inspired them.