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  1. 2020


Villa Ascenti New Brand Creation

Category:3. Packaging Design: Graphic


Bulletproof’s brief was to create a new premium Italian Gin brand and the brand world around this, with the authentic, compelling story of the Piemonte region at its heart, and bring to life the distinctive flavour profile. The true beauty and authenticity of Piemonte was captured through the crafted typography and intricate hand-drawn illustration, which carefully depicts all of the locally grown ingredients: Moscato grapes, sage, thyme and mint.

Both the monogram and typography utilize copper foils with micro-engraving to elevate the detail and craft. Furthermore, the monogram features both on the neck of the bottle and within the punt. The glass is recyclable with a subtle green tint, which communicates the freshness of the gin. The bottle structure has bespoke, embossed type that heroes Piemonte and frames the label.