Alex Ostrowski
Alex Ostrowski
founder & creative director

Alex is the founder and creative director of Lovers, a creative supergroup built to make head-turning,
heart-thumping brand communications that inspire. Alex founded Lovers with the belief that the only way to nail creative challenges is to truly care. Lovers is a new model and methodology designed to re-choreograph bright, unretainable creative professionals around genuinely motivating projects The approach is enjoyed by clients as broad as Allbirds, Greenpeace, Google, Oxford University, Tate, The British Museum, The British Film Institute, The V&A Museum, My/Mochi Ice Cream, Badoo, the Museum of Sex and others.

Alex is a notable figure in the design industry, often interviewed for lead titles such as Creative Review, It’sNiceThat, Design Week and others. As our primary driver of creative vision across all Lovers projects, it’s Alex’s leadership that ensures a project’s success. He has a particularly specialised ability to brief and motivate creative teams around him, ensuring the meticulous transfer of understanding across the different roles in our bespoke teams. With a background in design, Alex is also a wordsmith with the skill to translate complex ideas into powerful, compelling language that resonates with people in an immediate way.